Wall Market Racketeers – How We Headlined Our Favourite Venue

Wall Market Racketeers Night and Day Manchester 3

Manchester’s Wall Market Racketeers have always dreamed of playing some of their city’s iconic venues. On Tuesday May 26 2015, they got the chance to do just that. Singer Alex Coates issues gritty dispatches from their rise, along with some tips for all struggling UK indie bands.

The Insincerest Form of Flattery

Vice offshoot Noisey has come up with a very original idea. It’s a series of stories about music scenes and culture outside the capital. But that name sounds familiar…

They’re calling it Fuck London. And we’re a bit upset.

Christmas Summer Bonanza – Glastonbury Festival 2014

Glastonbury Festival 2014

“The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts is beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” says FCK LDN writer Elliot Davies, “A lot of people I encounter tell me that the whole thing is a shallow and commercialised shadow of its former self… yet I still spend half the year eagerly awaiting the beautiful escapism the festival provides.”