A Venue to Visit: Antwerp Mansion, Manchester

In the first of a new series that highlights the best venues across the UK, Amy visits Manchester’s Antwerp Mansion hidden near the city’s famed curry mile. This quirky renovation project collectively represents everything that’s brilliant about music, art and community.

Game On: How the North Dominates UK Game Creation

The North of England is a hotspot for game creation. Our correspondent spoke to Pixelbomb Games about an industry that’s thriving among the derelict mills of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Tyneside – and a game that uses the mean streets of Manchester as inspiration.

Christmas Summer Bonanza – Glastonbury Festival 2014

Glastonbury Festival 2014

“The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts is beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” says FCK LDN writer Elliot Davies, “A lot of people I encounter tell me that the whole thing is a shallow and commercialised shadow of its former self… yet I still spend half the year eagerly awaiting the beautiful escapism the festival provides.”

Derby venue says “We’re bigger and better than ever”

The Victoria Inn in Derby took issue with some of the points we made in our piece on the city’s music scene. Although there was some confusion about who they were talking to, they sought redress via Twitter. Never let it be said that we don’t offer that right reply. This is the 21st Century, after all – where journalism is a conversation…

What Happened To Derby’s Music Scene?

Derby Assembly Rooms Fire

When I decided to move to Derby, I knew not to expect much in terms of live music. I simply took it for granted that this city, for all its charms, simply didn’t care for the life affirming immediacy, the sparkling electric connection, of music played at immense volumes by musicians stood in the same room. I was wrong.

Kate’s Dates

Our correspondent grumpily rants about the disproportionate cultural importance given to London in the UK — and Kate Bush somehow gets caught up in the middle.

Our Manifesto

FCK LDN is a new online magazine; a magazine that will do to London what every other magazine does to the rest of the UK. It will pretend that it does not exist… It will cover music, art, fashion and culture everywhere in the UK, except London. Join us. Discover what it’s like to be on the outside looking in.

Arcane Surrealist Dislocation at Whitby Museum

Whitby is a strange place with a strange history. It was the setting for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, so the place has always been something of a gothic haven. Much of that strangeness is reflected in its local museum…