This Cabinet of Millionaires is revolting


A grass roots release by Huddersfiddlian noiseniks has had a big impact through word of mouth alone. Does Cabinet of Millionaires signal the birth of Agit-House?

Some of the best cultural production happens under a Tory government. Just ask anyone who lived through the 80s – the era of alternative comedy, the electro revolution and acieeeeed!

Why’s that? Truth is there’s nothing quite like having a bunch of sociopathic toffs in charge to make the lives of creative types really fucking uncomfortable. By “creative types” we don’t mean trust-fund Tarquins pretending to be DJs in Shoreditch.

We mean real people.

People who were happily able to juggle minimum wage reality with musical ambition and weekend tours in a transit van under a Labour government, but that now find themselves struggling to make two Pot Noodles last all day.

But when things get tough, creative people thrive. It gives them something to fight for.

Cabinet of Millionaires released their eponymous track before the car crash we call 2015’s General Election to broad critical acclaim, mixing snippets of Tory fuhrer David Cameron’s slimy rhetoric with hard beats, strings, squelches and a soulful vocal – there’s more than a bit of A Certain Ratio in the beautiful noise too.

You don’t need to take our word. There’s a creepy Cameron-puppet video courtesy of Ash TV

Twenty five thousand Facebook views later and this slinky slab of electronic protest pop is still getting bigger.

Put together by the folks behind Huddersfield’s Chocolate Fireguard, Cabinet of Millionaires may have been a one off – but the response has been so overwhelming that there could well be more:

“The response has been amazing considering it’s a brand new project,” said the Millionaires’ spokes-bloke Dave C, “Loads of CDs and downloads (as far afield as Canada!) have gone already and there’s been positive feedback including requests for more tracks and gigs.”

There are remixes on the way, including an “amazing” dub interpretation by Welsh wonder Ennio Maccaroni.

Could this be the beginning of an agit-renaissance? All we know that we’re only two weeks into the first proper Tory government in 20 years and the people are already revolting…

FCK LDN won’t sit by and watch this unfolding.


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