Contribute to FCK LDN

FCK LDN needs contributors who want to shout about what’s happening where they live.

Reviewers, feature writers, illustrators, photojournalists and multimedia journalists who are into music, fashion, the arts or local culture – you are who we want. If you can work with our editors to produce well researched, high quality content without it hurting you in the feels, that’s even better.

If you’re also from or near Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham, Norwich, Bristol or Cardiff, very well done. We really want to hear from you.

We’re currently doing this for the love of it and we don’t make a penny from FCK LDN at all.

It would be awesome to monetise the site with merchandise, including clothing and eBooks – but we’re not a business. We’re just two blokes sharing a blog. The moment we do go into profit, we’ll pay our contributors.

Until then, we won’t insult you by claiming to give you “exposure”. But you will be edited by writing professionals –  so stick that in your portfolio and smoke it.

Email to register interest with the following info:

  1. What areas of the UK you want to cover.

  2. What kind of content you want to create.

  3. Links to examples of your work (please don’t send attachments).

  4. A story idea for FCK LDN.

That’s it. Get in touch!