Review: Neil Young at Leeds Direct Arena

FCK LDN is dedicated to digging into hidden corners of culture outside London, documenting the up and coming. Then someone like Neil Young comes to town; the eternal workman, clad in plaid and we roll over like obedient puppies. Hello, Mr. Soul – we don’t need to give you a reason. This is Neil Young.

The Insincerest Form of Flattery

Vice offshoot Noisey has come up with a very original idea. It’s a series of stories about music scenes and culture outside the capital. But that name sounds familiar…

They’re calling it Fuck London. And we’re a bit upset.

Farewell To The Roadhouse

Manchester Roadhouse, by Graham c99

Since 1992, Manchester’s The Roadhouse has played host to some of the city’s best clubnights and gigs. Come June, this legendary venue will close its doors for good. James Wilkes remembers the good times.

Kate’s Dates

Our correspondent grumpily rants about the disproportionate cultural importance given to London in the UK — and Kate Bush somehow gets caught up in the middle.