Ezra Furman: Free Radical

Ezra Furman’s about to embark on the first UK leg of a European tour, we met up with the indie blues energy ball at the Lancaster Library last year – and kept him in a room long enough to ask about his life as a 21st Century troubadour.

Fuck London: the aftermath

Earlier this month, Vice offshoot Noisey ran a series of features about music “scenes outside the capital” called “Fuck London”. Hang on, that’s our name… This is our last word on the matter.

The Insincerest Form of Flattery

Vice offshoot Noisey has come up with a very original idea. It’s a series of stories about music scenes and culture outside the capital. But that name sounds familiar…

They’re calling it Fuck London. And we’re a bit upset.

Relics – Beast Market EP

It’s rare that a band so new leaps out so fully formed as Relics. They played their first show just under a year ago and yet, still covered in gore and trailing their umbilical cord, here they are dumping Beast Market on us, an EP of singular surety.

My Y Not – Part 2

In part 2 of Ben Farmer’s epic Y Not festival journal, he name checks a slew of Derby’s finest live acts, wonders why Palma Violets exist and has an epiphany during Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls.