Wall Market Racketeers – How We Headlined Our Favourite Venue

Wall Market Racketeers Night and Day Manchester 3

Manchester’s Wall Market Racketeers have always dreamed of playing some of their city’s iconic venues. On Tuesday May 26 2015, they got the chance to do just that. Singer Alex Coates issues gritty dispatches from their rise, along with some tips for all struggling UK indie bands.

The Gigantic Indie All Dayer 2015!

Gigantic Indie All Dayer 2015

14 bands playing across three stages for 10 hours in Manchester. Among them were local heroes, returning heroes, and antiheroes. We went to the 2015 Gigantic Indie All Dayer and we had a right bloody good time.

Farewell To The Roadhouse

Manchester Roadhouse, by Graham c99

Since 1992, Manchester’s The Roadhouse has played host to some of the city’s best clubnights and gigs. Come June, this legendary venue will close its doors for good. James Wilkes remembers the good times.

Great Songs About UK Cities That Aren’t London

Waterloo Sunset, Parklife, Roll out the Barrel… London has its share of songs about London – but what about the rest of the UK? We’ve picked out some of our favourite songs about UK cities. What are yours?

A Venue to Visit: Antwerp Mansion, Manchester

In the first of a new series that highlights the best venues across the UK, Amy visits Manchester’s Antwerp Mansion hidden near the city’s famed curry mile. This quirky renovation project collectively represents everything that’s brilliant about music, art and community.

Game On: How the North Dominates UK Game Creation

The North of England is a hotspot for game creation. Our correspondent spoke to Pixelbomb Games about an industry that’s thriving among the derelict mills of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Tyneside – and a game that uses the mean streets of Manchester as inspiration.