Relics – Beast Market EP

It’s rare that a band so new leaps out so fully formed as Relics. They played their first show just under a year ago and yet, still covered in gore and trailing their umbilical cord, here they are dumping Beast Market on us, an EP of singular surety.

Gary Numan – Splinter Tour 2014

We review the penultimate night of Gary Numan’s intimate tour of UK venues. Splinter, his most recent and 20th album, has been widely reviewed as one of his best. Which is just as well because tonight’s set leans heavily on it.

Billy Bragg – Holmfirth Picturedrome

On the Western hemisphere’s longest night, Billy Bragg came to Huddersfield, hot and gripped with “le fèvre de le tour”. It was a one man show, but in two hours we got more personality and passion than you’d rightfully expect from a stage packed with musicians.

The Playlist – Huddersfield

Every week we plan to put on our hard hats and go data mining through Soundcloud, uncovering music from towns and cities all over the UK. For our first playlist we chose Huddersfield, a city that thinks it’s a town, halfway between Leeds and Manchester.

Peter Hook and the Light: He’s Got Control

Joy Division began the 80s as an obscure footnote in the rock encyclopedia. Critically acclaimed, mainstream success eluded them. New Order, the band they became after the suicide of lead vocalist Ian Curtis, found fame that was always denied to Joy Division.

The Proclaimers at Holmfirth Picturedome

The Proclaimers who came out on stage at Holmfirth were men. Voices mellowed by age, but no less strong and astounding in range. We went there to review them, but we left as fans.