Relics – Beast Market EP

Huddersfiddlian noise jockeys Relics officially release their first EP on Friday. We had a preview.

It’s rare that a band so new leaps out so fully formed as Relics. They played their first show just under a year ago and yet, still covered in gore and trailing their umbilical cord, here they are dumping Beast Market on us, an EP of singular surety.


If Huddersfield’s Relics had parents, who would they be? Killing Joke in the tribal rhythms, perhaps. Motorhead in vocal intonation and the occasional downshift into blues scaling. Sabbath in construction. Wait… that’s three parents. Can you have three parents? Relics can (slash) do! They’re a Frankenstein monster of old and new school, death, doom, punk and blues – stitched together and reanimated with a bolt of lightning from a badly earthed Shure 58.

Officially released on October 17th, the EP opens with Death by Lead, the most conventional of three tunes. It immediately establishes a mayfly modus-operandi where no song is short of transitions. There are bands who could quite happily write entire songs out of the riffs Relics introduces, abuses and discards here. A tom lead drum feedback assault at the beginning gives way to eight bars of Tony Iommi style gloom which is then ditched in favour of the chunky Metallica spine of the song. The coda’s pure Motorhead. It’s a fun ride.

Frankenkilla’ continues the horror motif (last time ‘round it was madness, this time it’s a monster on a murderous spree). This one’s a pure head-down shouty, double bass pedal bashing metallic rocker. Unsophisticated, silly and impossible to keep still to.

The Circus finishes off the set, and proves itself the real gem of the EP. Less immediate than the preceding cuts, it matches derangement (and more murder) with an impossible to predict breakdown halfway through that inexplicably reminded us of little known 1979 novelty single “The Lone Ranger”, before collapsing under the weight of its own doom.

In their short career Relics have already supported Agnostic Front and played just about every venue within demo throwing distance of Huddersfield’s Beast Market – the inspiration behind the EP’s title. It proves apt for an outfit so obsessed with the Hammer end of horror and the classic end of metal. Catch ‘em live and awesome before they begin ritually sacrificing each other. And buy this record.