The Playlist – Derby

Victoria Inn Derby

We’ve put together a playlist featuring The Deep, Slowraiders, Biscuit Mouth and My Psychoanalyst alongside more famous Derby alumni White Town and up and comers LostAlone. There’s math metal from Virtues, ethereal nu-folk from Gibbs and Lucas and ambient, electronic post-rock from misteranthropic. As always, our only criteria for inclusion is that the music’s ace and from one place.

Billy Bragg – Holmfirth Picturedrome

On the Western hemisphere’s longest night, Billy Bragg came to Huddersfield, hot and gripped with “le fèvre de le tour”. It was a one man show, but in two hours we got more personality and passion than you’d rightfully expect from a stage packed with musicians.

Derby venue says “We’re bigger and better than ever”

The Victoria Inn in Derby took issue with some of the points we made in our piece on the city’s music scene. Although there was some confusion about who they were talking to, they sought redress via Twitter. Never let it be said that we don’t offer that right reply. This is the 21st Century, after all – where journalism is a conversation…

What Happened To Derby’s Music Scene?

Derby Assembly Rooms Fire

When I decided to move to Derby, I knew not to expect much in terms of live music. I simply took it for granted that this city, for all its charms, simply didn’t care for the life affirming immediacy, the sparkling electric connection, of music played at immense volumes by musicians stood in the same room. I was wrong.

Sunwølf – Beholden to Nothing and No One

Leeds based Sunwølf are playing with smoke and mirrors on their stunning 3rd release. We review a double set that takes us on a journey from fuzztone hate in the belly of Hades to angelic choirs in icy mountains.

The Playlist – Huddersfield

Every week we plan to put on our hard hats and go data mining through Soundcloud, uncovering music from towns and cities all over the UK. For our first playlist we chose Huddersfield, a city that thinks it’s a town, halfway between Leeds and Manchester.