Ezra Furman: Free Radical

Ezra Furman’s about to embark on the first UK leg of a European tour, we met up with the indie blues energy ball at the Lancaster Library last year – and kept him in a room long enough to ask about his life as a 21st Century troubadour.

The Heavy Jets: Common Mantra – Review

In their third year, the Jets already have one EP behind them and a couple of Battle of the Bands wins in their back pocket. Now they’re getting ready to graduate. We review their new set.

Wall Market Racketeers – How We Headlined Our Favourite Venue

Wall Market Racketeers Night and Day Manchester 3

Manchester’s Wall Market Racketeers have always dreamed of playing some of their city’s iconic venues. On Tuesday May 26 2015, they got the chance to do just that. Singer Alex Coates issues gritty dispatches from their rise, along with some tips for all struggling UK indie bands.

The Gigantic Indie All Dayer 2015!

Gigantic Indie All Dayer 2015

14 bands playing across three stages for 10 hours in Manchester. Among them were local heroes, returning heroes, and antiheroes. We went to the 2015 Gigantic Indie All Dayer and we had a right bloody good time.