The Last Day of the 2017 Derby Film Festival – Let’s Watch Some Short Films- Eat My Shorts is a programme of seven short films from across the globe. There were two such programmes at the 2017 Derby Film Festival, of which this was the second. We missed the first, but we wouldn't have missed this one for the world!

Red Turtle Derby Film Festival 2017 Saturday at the Derby Film Festival: The Red Turtle & Spaceship- Two colourful dreamlike films. One soars majestically, the other sinks and stinks. One is gently life-affirming, the other is morally reprehensible. Can you guess which is which? The answer might surprise you!
The Girl With All The Gifts Derby Film Festival Wednesday at the Derby Film Festival: The Girl With All The Gifts- The Girl With All The Gifts details a very British apocalypse. It's unbearably tense, but sweet and tender too; and the ending's only unutterably bleak if you're not hungry.
After the Storm Derby Film Festival 2017 Bank Holiday Monday at the Derby Film Festival: After The Storm; David Lynch: The Art Life- Two films in a row that have more in common than meets the eye. Both After the Storm and David Lynch: The Art Life question the sacrifices that must be made to live the life you want to live.
Holy Terrors Arthur Machen 2017 Derby Film Festival Day 3 of the 2017 Derby Film Festival: Holy Terrors!- Holy Terrors is a gloomy tribute to the work of Arthur Machen. It's proof that low budget horror need not be naff.
Trouser Bar Derby Film Festival 2017 Day 2 of the 2017 Derby Film Festival: Trouser; Fear; Courgette; Darkness- This is the big one: The plan was to see six films in one day. We manage four. Oh, but what a foursome it was: Trouser Bar; Worst Fears; My Life As A Courgette; and Lilith's Awakening.
Mindhorn Derby Film Festival 2017 Opening Night of the 2017 Derby Film Festival – Mindhorn!- Mindhorn is a breathless crime-fighting romp across the Isle of Man. It's an endearing group effort that's taken to another level by a strong central performance by Julian Barratt, and by a jovial Derby Film Festival audience.
Derby Film Festival 2017 Derby Film Festival 2017 – Preview!- It's back! The Derby Film Festival! It's back! And we're covering it for the third successive year! Here's some choice cuts from the 2017 programme.
One More Time With Feeling Nick Cave Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – One More Time With Feeling- Nick Cave's last film was life-affirming. This one is too, but only because it will make you clutch those you hold dear with unprecedented vitality.