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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Nottingham Rock City - Brooding garage psyche ne'erdowells Black Rebel Motorcycle Club play at excessive volumes to a heaving congregation of the devoted. We love them and they love us. So tonight, let us spread our love like a fever.

pensiveguitar Ezra Furman: Free Radical - Ezra Furman's about to embark on the first UK leg of a European tour, we met up with the indie blues energy ball at the Lancaster Library last year - and kept him in a room long enough to ask about his life as a 21st Century troubadour.
Gnod The Playlist – Celebrating The UK’s Sludge Doom Psych Horror Underground - Jamie Jones picks 10 of the best stoner doom sludge psych bands from the UK underground. BEWARE.
Grateful Dead Pyramid A Long Strange Trip – How Glastonbury Honours the Spirit of the Dead - Jerry Garcia probably never visited Glastonbury, but the festival still acts as a perfect embodiment of everything he stood for, while also providing anyone with a thirst for adventure a perfect opportunity to sample, if just for one weekend a year, a more unhinged way of life.
Reginald D Hunter Live 2015 Reginald D Hunter – Nottingham Royal Concert Hall - On his 2015 UK tour, Reginal D Hunter remains one of the most engaging comedians currently operating, but some unreconstructed opinions lead to an overall air of disappointment. Read our review.
The Heavy Jets. The Heavy Jets: Common Mantra – Review - In their third year, the Jets already have one EP behind them and a couple of Battle of the Bands wins in their back pocket. Now they’re getting ready to graduate. We review their new set.
deadwall Deadwall: Bukimi no Tami – Review - Leeds based four-piece Deadwall's full length, DIY album shows every other post-demo age band how it should be done.
An original logo our graphic designer proposed for an early version of FCK LDN. Fuck London: the aftermath - Earlier this month, Vice offshoot Noisey ran a series of features about music "scenes outside the capital" called "Fuck London". Hang on, that's our name... This is our last word on the matter.