The Magic Numbers at Fopp Nottingham - The Magic Numbers played an instore gig at Nottingham's Fopp store, but they took to the stage, as it were, some 40 minutes after the advertised time. We had time to ponder about the precarious role of the modern record store.

The goggles! They do nothing! Gary Numan strikes a pose on the Splinter tour. (Image by  Jarius Khan under a Creative Commons license.) Gary Numan – Splinter Tour 2014 - We review the penultimate night of Gary Numan's intimate tour of UK venues. Splinter, his most recent and 20th album, has been widely reviewed as one of his best. Which is just as well because tonight’s set leans heavily on it.
Glastonbury Festival 2014 Christmas Summer Bonanza – Glastonbury Festival 2014 - "The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts is beginning to look a lot like Christmas," says FCK LDN writer Elliot Davies, "A lot of people I encounter tell me that the whole thing is a shallow and commercialised shadow of its former self... yet I still spend half the year eagerly awaiting the beautiful escapism the festival provides."
Victoria Inn Derby The Playlist – Derby - We've put together a playlist featuring The Deep, Slowraiders, Biscuit Mouth and My Psychoanalyst alongside more famous Derby alumni White Town and up and comers LostAlone. There's math metal from Virtues, ethereal nu-folk from Gibbs and Lucas and ambient, electronic post-rock from misteranthropic. As always, our only criteria for inclusion is that the music's ace and from one place.
Billy Bragg, promoting last year's Tooth and Nail. Billy Bragg – Holmfirth Picturedrome - On the Western hemisphere's longest night, Billy Bragg came to Huddersfield, hot and gripped with "le fèvre de le tour". It was a one man show, but in two hours we got more personality and passion than you'd rightfully expect from a stage packed with musicians.
victoriainnlarger Derby venue says “We’re bigger and better than ever” - The Victoria Inn in Derby took issue with some of the points we made in our piece on the city's music scene. Although there was some confusion about who they were talking to, they sought redress via Twitter. Never let it be said that we don't offer that right reply. This is the 21st Century, after all - where journalism is a conversation...
Derby Assembly Rooms Fire What Happened To Derby’s Music Scene? - When I decided to move to Derby, I knew not to expect much in terms of live music. I simply took it for granted that this city, for all its charms, simply didn't care for the life affirming immediacy, the sparkling electric connection, of music played at immense volumes by musicians stood in the same room. I was wrong.
lips The Flaming Lips – Nottingham Rock City - Our reviewer saw the Flaming Lips cram their stadium show into a standing venue - and the result was a gig turned up to 11. After the show, every one needed a hug.