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Interview: Mike Watt tours new project Cuz - Bass legend Mike Watt talks to FCK LDN about Iggy and the Stooges, Minutemen and his new band Cuz as he embarks on a tour across the UK.

Vennart Leicester Vennart & British Theatre – Leicester Firebug - The math rocker who came in from the cold - ex of Oceansize, Mike Vennart plays a pair of sets to prepare his two bands for the weekend's ArcTanGent Festival.
Ultimate Painting Rough Trade Nottingham Ultimate Painting – Rough Trade Nottingham - Playing a short set in the attic above a Nottingham record store, Ultimate Painting's poignant and unassuming music is practically perfect in every way.
Benedict Drew Kaput Benedict Drew’s Kaput – Derby Quad - Benedict Drew's multimedia indictment of weapon-grade ambition is a total trip that promises brain-frazzling fun for the whole family.
Badly Drawn Boy Nottingham Rescue Rooms Badly Drawn Boy – Nottingham Rescue Rooms - To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Badly Drawn Boy is playing his 2000 debut, The Hour of Bewilderbeast, in its entirety. Kicking off his tour in Nottingham, the only person more overwhelmed than our reviewer was Badly Drawn Boy himself.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Nottingham Rock City Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Nottingham Rock City - Brooding garage psyche ne'erdowells Black Rebel Motorcycle Club play at excessive volumes to a heaving congregation of the devoted. We love them and they love us. So tonight, let us spread our love like a fever.
pensiveguitar Ezra Furman: Free Radical - Ezra Furman's about to embark on the first UK leg of a European tour, we met up with the indie blues energy ball at the Lancaster Library last year - and kept him in a room long enough to ask about his life as a 21st Century troubadour.
Gnod The Playlist – Celebrating The UK’s Sludge Doom Psych Horror Underground - Jamie Jones picks 10 of the best stoner doom sludge psych bands from the UK underground. BEWARE.