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The Playlist – Celebrating The UK’s Sludge Doom Psych Horror Underground - Jamie Jones picks 10 of the best stoner doom sludge psych bands from the UK underground. BEWARE.

Grateful Dead Pyramid A Long Strange Trip – How Glastonbury Honours the Spirit of the Dead - Jerry Garcia probably never visited Glastonbury, but the festival still acts as a perfect embodiment of everything he stood for, while also providing anyone with a thirst for adventure a perfect opportunity to sample, if just for one weekend a year, a more unhinged way of life.
Reginald D Hunter Live 2015 Reginald D Hunter – Nottingham Royal Concert Hall - On his 2015 UK tour, Reginal D Hunter remains one of the most engaging comedians currently operating, but some unreconstructed opinions lead to an overall air of disappointment. Read our review.
The Heavy Jets. The Heavy Jets: Common Mantra – Review - In their third year, the Jets already have one EP behind them and a couple of Battle of the Bands wins in their back pocket. Now they’re getting ready to graduate. We review their new set.
deadwall Deadwall: Bukimi no Tami – Review - Leeds based four-piece Deadwall's full length, DIY album shows every other post-demo age band how it should be done.
An original logo our graphic designer proposed for an early version of FCK LDN. Fuck London: the aftermath - Earlier this month, Vice offshoot Noisey ran a series of features about music "scenes outside the capital" called "Fuck London". Hang on, that's our name... This is our last word on the matter.
Wall Market Racketeers Night and Day Manchester 3 Wall Market Racketeers – How We Headlined Our Favourite Venue - Manchester's Wall Market Racketeers have always dreamed of playing some of their city's iconic venues. On Tuesday May 26 2015, they got the chance to do just that. Singer Alex Coates issues gritty dispatches from their rise, along with some tips for all struggling UK indie bands.
noisey The Insincerest Form of Flattery - Vice offshoot Noisey has come up with a very original idea. It's a series of stories about music scenes and culture outside the capital. But that name sounds familiar... They're calling it Fuck London. And we're a bit upset.