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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – One More Time With Feeling -
Nick Cave's last film was life-affirming. This one is too, but only because it will make you clutch those you hold dear with unprecedented vitality.

Francis Bacon Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion 1944 Tate Liverpool Maria Lassnig & Francis Bacon – Tate Liverpool -
Tate Liverpool put on a back-to-back exhibition of two of the 20th century's most vital painters of bodies. Here we have two unique minds who justified their medium's relevance through portraying what photographs couldn't: nightmares, neurosis, and the unspeakable.
Neil Young, one band in the opening of his marathon Leeds set. Review: Neil Young at Leeds Direct Arena -
FCK LDN is dedicated to digging into hidden corners of culture outside London, documenting the up and coming. Then someone like Neil Young comes to town; the eternal workman, clad in plaid and we roll over like obedient puppies. Hello, Mr. Soul - we don’t need to give you a reason. This is Neil Young.
Derby Film Festival April & The Extraordinary World It’s the Last Day of the Derby Film Festival, So We’re Going To Watch Some Cartoons -
The 2016 Derby Film Festival has been magnificent. We're going to see it out in style by watching as much animation as we can. We have April & The Extraordinary World, followed by This Is Not A Cartoon - a global animation showcase!
American Guinea Pig Bloodshock Derby Film Festival A Scholarly Assessment of American Guinea Pig – Bloodshock -
We sent Dr. Brand to watch American Guinea Pig - Bloodshock at the Derby Film Festival. He's a psychologist and a scholar, so he knows what he's doing.
Green Room Derby Film Festival It’s Saturday at the Derby Film Festival! Ich heiße SuperFantastiq! -
With the Fantastiq portion of the Derby Film Festival in full swing, we have no choice but to watch some scary films. So let's watch some scary films!
Purple Rain Derby Film Festival It’s Friday at the Derby Film Festival! And I Only Want to See You Laughing in the Purple Rain -
I knew that tonight would be more of a celebration than a lamentation, but I wasn't prepared for this.
The Case of Hana & Alice - Derby Film Festival It’s Thursday at the Derby Film Festival! Time for The Case of Hana and Alice! -
The Satori Screen takes centre stage at The Derby Film Festival with an animated prequel to a 2004 teen romance that spits in the face of the ravages of time!