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It’s Documentary Day at the Derby Film Festival! - Marvel as I strive to learn as much as I can about HUMANITY in one 24 hour period! Anything is possible at the Derby Film Festival.

Vanishing Point - Derby Film Festival It’s Opening Night at the Derby Film Festival! Vanishing Point! The Driver! - Vanishing Point and The Driver have little in common, but as a double bill they worked perfectly. They joined forces to give a stirring reminder of the powerful redemptive qualities of cinema at its best.
A creative commons licensed image of Mark Smith from Explosions in the Sky at another gig I didn't go to. Review: Explosions in the Sky, Manchester - Texan soundtrack masters and post-rock Gods Explosions in the Sky played Manchester in April. Karl Hodge didn't go.
Fumaca Preta - Brighton Bleach Fuma├ža Preta / Melt Dunes / WTVR – Brighton Bleach - The mighty Acid Box put on an evening of transcendental forward-thinking grooves to counter the St. George Blues.
Derby Film Festival 2016 Derby Film Festival 2016 – Preview - Taking place April 29th - May 8th, Derby Film Festival 2016 is a thing! And we're going to be covering as much of the action as we can, just like we did last year!
Animal Collective Manchester Ritz Animal Collective / GFOTY – Manchester Ritz - Animal Collective make everyone happy and give a practical demonstration on how to play electronic music live. But first, GFOTY bounds on the stage, determined to deafen, braving to baffle.
Linder Sterling - Diagrams of Love : Marriage of eyes Linder Sterling at the British Art Show 8: Collages, Carpets and Collaborations - Ann Barrass takes in a conversation with punk artist Linder Sterling at the British Art Show 8 in Leeds.
Julian Cope 20 Mothers 20 Mothers Turns 20 - Julian Cope's 20 Mothers was originally released Halloween 1995. 20 years later it sounds sprightly yet poignant: a number of dark prophecies contained within the songs are only now being realised, yet a number of hopeful predictions didn't quite come to pass.